2023 Catalogue

Bianco Buff

Alaskan Grey Porcelain Paver

Ideal for Driveways, Urban traffic areas

  • Offers a textured finish for a natural look that will complement natural stone applications
  • Highly durable, weathers well
  • Works well with both contemporary and modern or urban landscape designs
  • The floor shampoo and care cleaner

Available Finishes


  • 40 x 80cm x 30mm (16 x 32″ x 3cm)
  • 30 x 60cm x 20mm (12 x 24″ x 2cm)
  • 60 x 60cm x 20mm (24 x 24″ x 2cm)
  • 90 x 60cm x 20mm (36 x 24″ x 2cm)


2cm & 3cm thickness

Realistic Stone Surface with solid Porcelain body

Rated R11 Slip Resistance

Frost Resistant

Resistant to sudden temperature changes

Quick + Easy Installation Easy to remove and reuse

Fade Resistant

Resistant To Chemicals

Resistant To Salt

Easy to Clean

Designed for Urban Traffic

Impermeable Water beads off the surface.

Wide range of Natural Stone Finishes