2023 Catalogue

Adjustable Pedestal Installation


A lightweight, convenient system, with slabs which can be lifted off for inspection. It improves thermal insulation and is able to accommodate pipes and cables.


Designing Safe, relialbe solutions

In order to select a safe, reliable outdoor paving installation system, when choosing the installation solution and application method the architect or constructor must assess every aspect of the product’s characteristics and the environmental context in the light of the local regulations, in order to avoid all possible risk of causing damage to property or personal injury.

RISK OF OBJECTS FALLING ON LOAD-BEARING SLABS When slabs are lead-bearing (e.g. in raised paving installations) a heavy object falling from some height may cause them to break. To avoid risks of injury or damage, the guidelines in the table should be complied with: as the size and/or height above the substrate increases, tiles must be reinforced by combining them with a galvanised metal plate or by applying a fibreglass mesh.

REKCC DRY-INSTALLED PAVINGS AKYVETHE GROUND Slabs laid without glue or fasteners on patios or balconies located above ground level may be lifted or moved around by gusts of winds or other abnormal events such as earthquakes or structural settling. The architect in charge must assess the risk of hazardous situations on a case by case basis and adopt technical solutions which will prevent every possible risk.

Banas Porcelain is not responsible in the case of misuse or reckless use of 20mm slabs: they are a paving system component, and the correct method for their installation must be decided by the architect and/or constructor on a case by case basis.